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Survival - Survival in the Urals

 ***** Just survive! *****

*** This is not a training camp! Here you have to prove yourself! ***

Test your limits - nothing is free!

In winter, temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius to fall.

The "hardness" of the tour will be adjusted according to your wishes and your budget.

Target group:
* Manager and all those who "want to know"
* individualists

2 tours are available - Winter Tour and Summer Tour


The tours are conducted in Russia in the Urals.
You must even get food in nature and build the sleeping accommodation.
This means (depending on winter or summer):
* Even beat the wood for heat
* Even looking water
* Even go on fishing
* Self collect mushrooms and berries
* Catch yourself Wild
* Etc.

Theft in villages etc. is not allowed!

Companion as well as basic amenities are provided.
Suggestions for Tour Guidance:
> Do you want to find out if you, for example, in a plane crash alone (or in a mini-group) survive in the wild to muddle through until the next civilian village can?
(Tasks: Equipment sense of limited existing material and put together in a transportable quantity, procuring food, shelter building, orienteering, map reading, etc.)
> If you want to test physical limits?
(Tasks?: How long do I keep at appropriate temperatures by How far can I go I come with the food that I find in nature, out, etc.)
Example profile for a tour (14 days):

day 1:
Flights to Yekaterinburg.
Transfer from Airport Yekaterinburg to the village.
Overnight in the village.

day 2
Preparation / briefing / Getting to know your companion.
Make even the equipment consist of the things offered on site.
Last relaxing day incl. Visit Banja original, traditional food and real good Russian Vodka.
Overnight in the village.

3rd to 12th day
Start the Survival Tour.
On the third day you break together with your companion on to test your hardness and your perseverance.
In Luggage map, compass, catering emergency ration, tool, sleeping bag.
Now you need to show how hard and tough you really are!
With map and compass it goes straight through the wilderness.
The place to stay you have to build your own from materials you find in nature.
Do not forget to allow enough time for the food Ready (fishing, hunting), as long as the entrained "iron reserve" is not enough!
At various coordinates are "gifts" hidden, the search for (food, water, vodka, etc.).
Your guide will assist you, but the "main actor" you are.
On the 12th day, return to the village.
Recreation evening with Banja visit, traditional food and real good Russian Vodka
Overnight in the village.

day 13
Free time.
Transfer from the village to Yekaterinburg Airport

day 14
Return flight from Yekaterinburg

Price: from 4800 EUR summer / winter (group rates please inquire) from 5700 € / person
Minimum number of participants: 2 persons (less people apply)

Included in the rate performance.:
Tour guide / interpreter (English, German, Russian) throughout the tour (other languages ​​on request)
Transfers as specified
Full board in the village incl. Beverages
Equipment for Tour

Not included in the price:
Flights to Yekaterinburg and back
Visa fees

Tour operator: "YANA TRAVEL Germany"

Important as this tour falls in the area of ​​extreme tours:

Should you (especially winter) Tour to abort prematurely because of the hardness or other reasons, any additional costs for replacement program (eg in Ekaterinburg) must also be calculated and are immediately on site to the travel guide or Germany to the travel agency to pay.
Possibly Refunds etc. are expressly excluded in this tour.


Extremely travel individually boundaries to test extreme travel Russia survival individually survival training camp survival

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Picture credits: YANA TRAVEL

Extremely travel individually boundaries to test extreme travel Russia survival individually survival training camp survival