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Are you interested in working with us?

In particular, we are interested in partners for distribution of our own products, which we offer as a registered tour operators (of course with security certificate):
> Child and Youth Camps to Russia / Adventure, diet, social Camp
> Beekeeper Camp in Germany
> Diet Camp for Adults in Russia
> Survival Tour (Survival Tour) in Russia
> Russian village traditionally
> Individual Travel to Russia
> Rocket launch from Baikonur
> MiG flight in Russia
> Cruising with the nuclear icebreaker to the North Pole

We also sell:
> Tickets RZD - Russian Railways
> Russian domestic air tickets
> Russian hotels


For cooperation, there are several options:

>>> You are tour operators:

Feel free to imagine your offers.
We will examine them and if they fit into our profile gladly offer.

>>> You are a travel agent:

You might be interested in the mediation of our listings?
After submitting your business registration, we will send you our agency questionnaire.

>>> They are independent sales representative or have no commercial and still want to get our deals and get a commission for it?

Contact us.



Partnernet, Zusammenarbeit, Kooperation, Affilate

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